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by | Jan 23, 2024 | Sales Enablement

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Customer experience is all the interactions a customer has with a company, from the discovery of a product or service through to the after-sales service. It includes all points of contact between the company and the customer, whether physical, digital or human. In B2B, the customer experience is vital for satisfaction, differentiation and additional sales. A positive experience fosters loyalty, distinguishes companies and stimulates cross-selling. Studies by Bain & Company show that a 5% increase in customer satisfaction can boost profits by up to 85%. Forrester confirms that companies offering an exceptional experience are 1.5 times more likely to retain their customers, while investment in customer experience, according to Gartner, increases the likelihood of cross-selling and up-selling by 2.5 times. In a world where B2B customers are increasingly demanding, the sales experience is a key success factor. To stand out from the competition, companies need to offer a positive, personalised customer experience. That’s why the customer meeting is a crucial moment. It needs to be carefully prepared, with the right tools and professionally executed.

I. What are the benefits of an enhanced customer experience?

1. An improved perception of the company

Strengthening the brand image goes beyond the simple product or service offered. It also depends on the customer’s overall level of satisfaction. For example, during an appointment, a personalised approach from the sales representative, a fluid and interactive presentation, precise answers to the buyer’s questions and the buyer’s ability to make informed decisions all contribute to improving the live experience. This enhancement of the customer experience promotes customer satisfaction and helps to shape a positive perception of the company.

2. More in-depth knowledge of buyers

To ensure an enriched customer experience, an in-depth understanding of the buyer’s needs and behaviour is crucial. The aim of a Sales Enablement application is to professionalise this approach by tracking the content presented during field meetings.

3. Stand out from the competition

A memorable customer experience sets a company apart from its competitors by positively influencing customers’ purchasing decisions. This engaging and interactive approach gives the company a competitive edge in its market.

4. Increase sales

A negative experience can drive customers away, leading to a drop in sales. According to a Gartner study, 64% of people believe that customer experience takes precedence over price when making a purchase. So a poor customer experience can have a detrimental impact on sales performance. Bain & Company found that companies offering a better customer experience recorded revenues between 4% and 8% higher than their market.

1. Personal satisfaction

When the appointment experience meets the buyer’s expectations, it generates personal satisfaction linked to their choices, the quality of the discussion with the sales person, an engaging presentation, and also the positive impact of the Sales Enablement application used during the presentation.

2. A smooth shopping experience

A quality customer experience simplifies the buying process by offering convenience and ease to the buyer. If the appointment takes place in line with the buyer’s expectations, with relevant content, a convincing presentation, a product that meets their needs, relevant answers and engaging interaction, the buyer will be inclined to choose this solution without looking elsewhere, saving time and energy.

3. Building confidence

Companies that focus on customer experience personalise their interactions, providing tailored products or services. This personalisation reinforces buyers’ trust in the brand. According to Genesys, 80% of buyers give their trust and money to companies offering personalised experiences. A confident buyer is more likely to choose the proposed solution.

II. Modernise the customer experience during appointments in the field.

The evolution of the buyer

The B2B buyer has changed in recent years. They are now :

  • Ultra-connected: they have access to an unlimited amount of information on products and services, and can compare them easily.
  • More autonomous: able to do their own research and make their own decisions.
  • Better informed: they have a better understanding of products and services and their benefits.
    More demanding during appointments: they expect a personalised, immersive experience.

How does Sales Enablement meet these needs?

Sales Enablement offers a highly personalised approach to appointments, enabling sales reps to tailor their interactions to the unique needs and interests of each customer. This approach is based on providing detailed information about each customer’s specific needs, objectives and challenges, resulting in a more targeted experience.

At the same time, with Sales Enablement, sales reps can create an immersive experience for buyers using visual and interactive content. These enriched media give buyers a better understanding of the products or services on offer, leading to more informed decisions and better understanding.

Finally, Sales Enablement boosts the efficiency of sales staff by providing them with dedicated tools and resources. These resources can include lead qualification tools, offer or contract generators, improving productivity and performance during sales meetings.

How can you offer a personalised customer experience using Sales Enablement?

The concepts of modernisation and personalisation, although they may seem similar and sometimes confused, in reality have distinct purposes. The modernisation of your customer approach is based on the flexibility and quality of the information provided during meetings, including a form of personalisation of the discourse and content presented.

On the other hand, personalising your sales approach encompasses the initial phase, the generation of appropriate content, and post-sales follow-up. It requires sales staff to prepare meetings more effectively, without becoming time-consuming, by offering better quality materials. This enhanced approach is based on the creation of personalised content, access to up-to-date information and training materials to perfect the sales pitch. It also enables unforeseen events to be taken into account during appointments and information shared to be updated in real time using the CRM. Post-appointment monitoring then adapts sales reminders for greater effectiveness, based on the elements shared.

The collaborative design of your NEO application between the marketing, sales and Noledge teams is crucial for an optimal customer experience. This cooperation enables you to develop a high-quality first version, and the platform’s scalability means you can improve it regularly by learning from successes and failures to ensure continuous evolution.

What are the characteristics of an enhanced customer experience?

An enriched customer experience implies a profound cultural change within the company, moving from a product-oriented to a customer-oriented approach. The salesperson must take a genuine interest in the buyer’s needs, rather than simply presenting the product and its sales pitch. An optimal sales experience is characterised by its personalisation, whether in the presentation of the right content at the right time or in the interactive responses provided by the sales person. It plays an essential role as a guide to simplify understanding and facilitate the search for relevant information, enabling the buyer to make informed decisions. Trust between the buyer and the sales rep is crucial to the success of the meeting, and the use of fun, interactive content improves the engagement and memorability of the customer experience, helping to set the company apart from the competition.

At Noledge, customer focus and attention to business needs are fundamental values. Noledge actively reinforces this orientation through its annual Users’ Club, bringing together the community of users, prospects and the technological ecosystem. The aim of this gathering is to strengthen links within the community and gain a better understanding of customers’ needs and expectations. This initiative helps to constantly refine the customer-centric approach and improve the overall experience, thereby contributing to the company’s strategy of continuous innovation.


1. What is customer experience and why is it crucial for a company? Customer experience encompasses all customer-business interactions, from start to finish. For B2B companies, a positive experience fosters loyalty, differentiates businesses and stimulates cross-selling.

2. What are the benefits of an enriched customer experience? An enriched experience improves the company’s image, deepens buyer understanding, sets it apart from the competition and increases sales.

3. What characterises an enriched customer experience? An enriched customer experience implies a cultural change, and is characterised by its personalisation, its facilitation of understanding and the trust established between the buyer and the sales representative.

4. How is Noledge reinforcing its commitment to a quality customer experience? Noledge places a premium on customer focus and maintains this value through its annual User Club to better understand customer needs and constantly innovate.

5. How does Sales Enablement contribute to a more personalised customer experience? Sales Enablement makes it possible to personalise interactions, offering a more targeted and satisfying experience for each customer.

6. What impact does a personalised sales approach have on customer loyalty? A personalised approach strengthens customers’ trust in the brand, positively influencing their loyalty.

7. How does Noledge encourage collaboration between teams to improve the customer experience? Noledge encourages collaboration between teams to design and continuously improve its NEO application, thus guaranteeing an optimal customer experience.

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