A unified mobile SaaS platform for sales support : What are the benefits for headquarters and field ?

by | Aug 3, 2023 | Sales Enablement | 0 comments

The SaaS application suite designed to propel your sales team towards excellence. Working in disconnected mode, MDW NEO offers an unrivalled experience by making all sales support materials available, making it easier to organise, present and share information.

At head office, the process coordinator works with the sales department to shape success, bringing ideas to life and granting access rights so that the different professions that feed into the application can express themselves as fully as possible. In the field, sales staff have access to up-to-date knowledge, gaining confidence and ease in every interaction.

NEO goes far beyond mere performance, providing hard-hitting statistics to optimise content and its distribution. With the complementary PDP, RIT and USI-Board applications, you’ll benefit from a made-to-measure solution that evolves thanks to fruitful exchanges with our community of users.



Process governance management

Autonomous management of the tree structure

Flexible delivery of marketing kits

Functional scalability of the platform

Usage monitoring

Multi-device management (DUO mode)

Interface optimised for touch use

Full-screen display, uncluttered and customisable

Fast, fluid access to content

Intuitive creation of sales calls

Autonomous management of favourites

Use in offline mode

Multi OS



Autonomy in creating and prioritising items to be reported

Management and control of conditional and chained criteria

Powerful extraction and analysis of feedback

Management of the list of points of sale

Rapid information sharing

Use in offline mode

Simple, intuitive navigation

Targeted feedback

Import photos from third parties on smartphone via “share

Integrated list of points of sale

Access to a summary before sending

Available on Android and Apple smartphones



Autonomy to create educational content

Definition of distribution perimeters

by target learners

Customisation of courses

Provision of training materials

Analysis of each user’s learning path, progress and areas for improvement

Schedule and monitor validation of prior learning

Implementation of remedial action

Fluid, intuitive navigation

Personalised access to courses

Permanent consultation of completed courses

Use offline

Pedagogical support available at all times

View progress rates for courses, training and quizzes



CRM complement for qualitative analysis

of field performance

Ability to create dashboards on the fly

Use of predefined KPIs

Targeted distribution

Creation of dashboards aligned with

management strategy

Tools for chairing editorial committees

Contribution to skills development

Quick consultation of KPIs in connected mode

CRM complement for qualitative analysis of the sales act

Direct display in real time

Smoother sharing of KPIs between

and head office

More in-depth analysis using simple drilldowns

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